price 2,300,000 won


With the HAMT-1, we have combined one of the most advanced headphone driver technologies, called Air Motion Transformer(AMT) Tweeter with Dynamic Neodymium Drivers, to deliver the finest bass performance of any headphone in its class. Enhanced by its coaxial structure design, these over-the-ear headphones enable a brand new listening experience. From studio recordings to live performances, the Air Motion Transformer Tweeter and the Dynamic Neodymium drivers stage a full spectrum of audio. Every nuance is captured and heard. Every note is felt. The rich wood design of the HAMT-1 not only looks elegant, but their comfort and durability using Alcantara (you wouldn’t know it wasn’t suede) make wearing them feel new each time you lower them over your ears.


* The world first Coaxial two-way headphone design by an implementation of AMT tweeter and Dynamic Neodymium driver to deliver a rich sound stage listen experience in headphone market.
* World class Alcantara material implementation for longer duration usage.
* Easy way to fine tune personalized sound style by an optional tuning kit, TK-1.
* Light weight design for easier mobile usage

Frequency Response : 15Hz~45KHz
Tweeter : 40mm Air Motion Transformer Tweeter
Dynamic Driver : 57mm
Impedance : 56 ohm
Sensibility in dB : 105dB
Weight : 540 g